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PG II Sem & IV Sem Exam Fee payment Last Date 15-03-2017** **UG IV Sem Exams will start 15-03-2017.** UG II Sem Exams will Commence from 12-04-2017**

MOU with Karo Sambhav

Honorable Special Commissioner Sir, 
Department of Physics & Electronics of SRR &CVR, GDC, Vijayawada,  have undergone MOU with Karo Sambhav- An organisation which recycles e- waste 100% through  Guide foundation for development , Vijayawada for collection of e- waste. So all the members of society are requested to drop their unused- spoilt cell phones, iPads, iPods, computers, laptops, batteries, cfl & Led bulbs, chargers, washing machines, refrigerators etc - all the appliances with electronic circuits in our collection centre. We are not supposed to drop the e-waste in dustbins, since it is hazardous to environment.  We are trying to spread this awareness in our surrounding communities.