The Department of Economics started functioning from the establishment of the College i.e. in 1937. The UG Programme was started in 1937-38 and it was promoted as a post graduate department in the year 2005-06 and it has been committed towards creating, assimilating and disseminating knowledge through teaching, research and extension services and developing human resources in the field of Economics. The Department of Economics is active not only in teaching the syllabus prescribed by the University at the Under Graduate level but also in developing the overall personality of the individual. For this the Department organizes several co-curriculur and extra-curricular activities such as Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences on matters of economic significance etc., in which the students are encouraged to participate.


Besides learning in theory classes, students also learn themselves by using computers, internet services, debating competitions, tutorials/homework, project work etc. are assigned to them. It helps them in independent learning. Students learn & collect a lot of information during tours. Seminars by students on the topics of their interest help to enhance their perception of the subject. Project work assigned to them also help in independent learning. This helps students to set methodology for their work, which in turn helps them to write economic articles.


Research has become the continuous activity of the department. The staff members are engaged in research work apart from teaching work. The department has published   research papers to this date. The staff members also present their research findings in the National and International Seminars, Conferences. Through research work, the department handles different issues to find some solutions on the economic problems which in turns helps the extension activity of the department The department also organizes guest lectures and lecture series to keep abreast developments in various fields especially on current topics.  


Now the Department has 3 lecturers of high competence specializing in the areas of International Economics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics, Public Economics, Monetary Economics and Environmental Economics.  Besides conducting theoretical and empirical research in these various fields, the Department has considerable expertise in conducting socioeconomic surveys and evaluation studies.