BOTANY being an important life sciences is being taught from the inception of the college in the year 1938 and is offering BZC course in combination with BOTANY, ZOOLOY AND chemistry in English and telegu media stationed M.sc; botany course for the academic year 2014-15

                              The department with three faculty members, constitutes a well-qualified faculty. The faculty is active in its research endeavors and are resource persons to different colleges. The faculty is active in its research endeavors and are resource persons to different colleges.

              Besides learning in theory classes students also learn themselves by using computers, internet services, debating competitions project work etc. are assigned to them.  It helps them in  independent learning and also help to set research methodology for their research students learn and collect  a lot of work information  on agriculture, use for medicinal plants during the field trips and tour project , eork assigned to them also helps.

Research has become the continues activity of the department. The staff members are

Engaged in research work apart from teaching work .the department has published research papers.

               The faculty members also present their research findings in the national and international seminars, conferences.

           In the upcoming revision new certificate courses –food-technology and mushroom cultivate on is going to be introduced.

Year 2014-15:

Eminent principals and lecturers like Smt.vijaya Lakshmi garu, Rtd. Principal, Smt .P.Nirmala Devi Rtd.Principal, Smt.P.M.S.swaroopa rani garu Rtd. Principal, Govt. Degree College, Mylavaram were the alumni of this department during the period 2004-2010.

Other famous alum i’s were.

  1. Sri.P.siva Prasad garu student during the period 1976-79 working as chief administrative officer, NRI medical college, VIZAG.
  2. Mr.D.krupa Daniel student during the period 2004-07. He did M.Sc., Human genetics at VMC at Chennai. He worked as teaching faculty for medical students.